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Childbirth Preparation Classes

Preparation for childbirth classes should be completed 4 to 6 weeks prior to due date.

We offer childbirth classes in a wide variety of formats and at various times to meet your personal needs and busy schedules:

A Tour of our Childbirth Center - 2016
A Tour of Our Childbirth Center 2015
Breastfeeding Basics Class 2015
Breastfeeding Basics Class 2016
CB eclass Labor Rehearsal 2016
CB On-Line eClass 2016
Cesarean Childbirth Class 2015
Cesarean Childbirth Class 2016
Childbirth 1 Saturday Class - 2016
Childbirth 1-Day Saturday Seminar 2015
Childbirth 2 Saturday Class 2016
Childbirth 2-Week Saturday Class 2015
Childbirth 4 Week Classes 2016
Childbirth 4 Week Natural 2016
Childbirth 4-Week Class Series 2015
Childbirth 4-Week Natural Class Series 2015
Childbirth Adv Nat Skills Wkshop 2016
Childbirth Infant Care Class 2016
Childbirth Natural Advanced Skills Workshop 2015
Childbirth On-Line eClass 2015
eClass Labor Rehearsal 2015
Happiest Baby On Block 2016
Happiest Baby On The Block 2015
Infant Care Class 2015
Mama Yoga 2015
MBMC-Super Sibling Class 2016
Multiples and More 2015
Multiples and More Class 2016
Partner Yoga Workshop 2015
Post-Natal Mommy and Me Yoga Workshop 2015
Preparing for the Fourth Trimester: Pospartum Adjustment and Beyond - 2016
Priming the Pump 2015
Super Sibling Class 2015
The Fourth Trimester: Baby Blues and Beyond - 2016
Todays Grandparent Class 2015
Todays Grandparent Class 2016

Preparation for childbirth classes cover a wide range of topics:

  • Overview of stages of labor and birth
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques for labor
  • Comfort measures for pregnancy, labor and birth
  • Role of the support person and active coaching
  • Medical interventions and epidural anesthesia
  • Cesarean childbirth
  • Postpartum expectations
  • Basic infant care and feeding
  • Tour of the Childbirth Center at Missouri Baptist Medical Center -- not included in Saturday Seminar or Self-Study / Bed-Rest Childbirth Preparation Program

Here you can enroll online by selecting a class or tour from the above list. For assistance or to register by phone, call (314) 996-LIFE (5433) or toll-free (800) 392-0936. Talking with you gives us an opportunity to ask questions that will help ensure you're selecting the class that best fits your needs.

Online registration is available for some classes. When you select "Register," we'll get your name and other information we need to enroll you for your classes. The class will then go into your cart and can be viewed at anytime by selecting View Cart.

When you're ready to check out go to View Cart to complete the class enrollment.

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