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Community Events Sponsored by Help for Your Health

To enroll or for assistance, call 314-362-WELL (314-362-9355) or toll-free 800-392-0936. Talking with you gives us an opportunity to ask questions that will help ensure you're selecting the activity that best fits your needs.

Online registration is available for some classes. When you select "Register," we'll get your name and other information we need to enroll you for your classes. The class will then go into your cart and can be viewed at anytime by selecting View Cart.

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Chilbirth Classes
      BHC Childbirth 4 Week Class- 2017
Childbirth Classes
      Breastfeeding Class 2017
      Natural Childbirth Class 2017
      Newborn Care Class 2017
      Prepared Childbirth Class 2017
      Sibling Class 2017
      A Tour of our Childbirth Center
      A Tour of our Obstetric Center-2017
      Advanced Natural Skills Workshop-2017
      Breastfeeding Basics Class
      Breastfeeding Basics-2017
      CB eclass Labor Rehearsal
      CB On-Line eClass
      Cesarean Childbirth Class
      Cesarean Childbirth Class-2017
      Childbirth 1 Saturday Class
      Childbirth 1-Day Saturday Class-2017
      Childbirth 2 Saturday Class
      Childbirth 2 Week Saturday Class-2017
      Childbirth 4 Week Classes
      Childbirth 4 Week Natural
      Childbirth 4-Week Class Series-2017
      Childbirth 4-Week Natural Class-2017
      Childbirth Adv Nat Skills Wkshop
      Childbirth Infant Care Class
      Childbirth Infant Care Class-2017
      Happiest Baby On Block
      Happiest Baby on the Block-2017
      Mama Yoga
      Mama Yoga Class-2017
      Mama Yoga Mini Series
      Multiples and More Class
      Multiples and More Class 2017
      Postpartum Yoga Series
      Preparing for the Fourth Trimester: Pospartum Adjustment and Beyond
      Priming the Pump
      Super Sibling Class
      Super Sibling Class-2017
      The Fourth Trimester: Baby Blues and Beyond
      Today's Grandparents
      Today's Grandparents Class-2017
      Breastfeeding Basics-2016
      Labor and Birth Preparation 3 Week Series-2016
      Labor and Birth Preparation One Day Class-2016
      Natural Labor and Birth Preparation-2016
      Newborn Care Preparation-2016
      OB Tours-2016
      Sibling Preparation-2016
      Childbirth 2-Week Class 2016
      CPR Infant, Child, Adult 2016
      CPR, Infant, Child, Adult 2017
      Expectant Parent Tours 2016
      Expectant Parent Tours 2017
      Introduction to Natural Childbirth 2017
      Living with Baby 2017
      Prepared Childbirth 2 Week Class 2017
      Prepared Childbirth Saturday Class 2017
      Better Beginnings With Breastfeeding 2016
      BHC Better Beginnings With Breastfeeding Class- 2017
      BHC Childbirth 4 Week Class 2016
      BHC Childbirth In A Day Class 2016
      BHC Childbirth In A Day Class- 2017
      BHC Infant Safety and CPR Class 2016
      BHC Infant Safety and CPR Class- 2017
      Breastfeeding Basics
      Breastfeeding Basics - 2017
      Childbirth Fast Track Saturday 2016
      Childbirth Fast Track Saturday Class-2017
      Childbirth Four Week Class-2017
      Childbirth Four Week Classes-2016
      Obstetric Tours-2016
      Online Childbirth eClass 2016
Childbirth Classes 2017
      Breastfeeding Basics 2017
Community Programs
      Caregiver Classes-BJWCH 2016
      A Life-Saving Discussion
      Fit for Function 2017
      Free From Falls 2017
      Heart-Stroke Fair 2017
      How Sweet It Is: Limiting Sugar In Your Diet
      Py Yoga Classes 2016
      Py Yoga Classes 2017
      Skin Cancer Screenings 2016
      Skin Cancer Screenings 2017
      Tai Chi Classes 2016
      Tai Chi Classes 2017
      Yoga Classes 2016
      Yoga Classes 2017
      A Matter of Balance 2017
      Better Choices, Better Health-Diabetes
      Daibaetes-Yes You Can Exercise
      Fighting Fatigue
      Fit for Function
      Heart Fair 2017
      Look Good Feel Better
      Lunch and Learn
      OASIS Peer Led Discussion Groups
      Osteoporosis Do's and Don'ts 2017
      Weight Loss Surgery Seminars-2016
      A Day of Play
      AARP Smart Driver Course
      Alzheimer's Association Care and Conquer
      Community Blood Drive
      Diabetes Education Class
      Grow Your Reader Together
      Guys Night Out: Focusing on Men's Health
      Head to Toe Orientation-2017
      Joint Replacement Pre-Surgery Class-Every Step of the Way
      Joint Replacement Pre-Surgery Class: Every Step of the Way-2017
      Pretty in Pink: Focusing on Women's Health
      Smoking Cessation
Health Presentations
      Annual Update: What's New with the Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis?
      Can You Prevent Colon Cancer?
      High Blood Pressure, A-Fib and Stroke: What's the Connection?
      Love Your Skin: Diabetes and Chronic Wounds
      Moving with MoBap: Help for Hip and Knee Pain Lecture
      Peripheral Vascular Disease Treatments: Lunch and Learn
      Sports Injury Prevention in Adults
      The Diabetes and Heart Disease Connection
      Living With Alzheimer's Disease
      Lunch-and-Learn Series
      Questions about Knee Pain
      Showcase on Seniors
      Tea and Talk: Ten Mistakes to Avoid in Funeral Planning
      Veterans Benefit-Planning
Health Screenings
      Dierbergs Cholesterol Screening
      Stroke Screening
      Bone Density Screening for Women
      Cholesterol, BMI and BP Screenings
      Flu Shot Clinics
Nutrition Classes
      Eat Right for You, and Baby too! - 2017
      Mom on the Run-2017
      Women in Transition-2017
Oasis presentations
      AARP Smart Driving Course
      Better Choices Better Health-Diabetes
      Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions
      Medicare Update 2017
      National Fall Prevention Awareness Day
      Welcome to Medicare
      Winning the Battle Over Fatigue-Maximizing Your Energy to Make the Most of Your Day
OASIS Programs
      Fighting Fatigue
      Fit For Function
      Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions
      Medicare Update 2017
      Standing Tall: Tips to Improve Your Posture
Support Groups
      Bypass Sleeve-Post Surgery Support Group
      Bypass Sleeve-Pre Surgery Question and Answer Support Group
      Lap Band-Preoperative and Postoperative Surgery Question and Answer Support Group
      KidsCan! Support Group
      Look Good, Feel Better Cancer Support Group
      Man To Man Prostate Cancer Support
      Mended Hearts
      Parkinson's Disease Exercise Group
      WomenHeart of St. Charles County Support Group
      Alcoholics Anonymous Support Group
      An Adult Grief Support Group
      Bear Essentials Child Support Group
      Breastfeeding Support Group
      Healing Hearts Infant Loss Support Group
      Mended Hearts Support Group
      Moms MoBap Morning Support Group
      Parents' Grief Support Group
      Stages --A Grief Support Group for Teenagers 13-18
      Sunsets -- A Grief Support Group for Children 4-12
      Young Adult--20s to mid-30s--Grief Support Group
      Young Parkinsons Support Group
      Art & Healthcare Programs Support Group
      Arthritis Exercise Class Support Group
      Arts As Healing Support Group
      Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Transplant Support Group
      Brain Tumor Networking Support Group
      Cancer Support Community of St. Louis Programs
      Cancer Transitions Support Group
      Caregiver Support Group
      Chess For Life-SCC
      Creative Writing Support Group
      Freedom From Smoking Support Group
      Gastric Bypass Support Group
      Gentle Yoga Support Group
      GI & Colorectal Cancer Networking Support Group
      Heart Transplant Support Group
      INHALE-Asthma Support Group
      Knit To Relax Support Group
      Liver Transplant Support Group
      Living With Breast Cancer Support Group
      Look Good, Feel Better-Cancer Support Group
      Lung Cancer Networking Support Group
      Lung Transplant Support Group
      Mindfulness Meditation Practice Group
      Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Cancer Recovery
      Multiple Myeloma Support Group
      Pancreatic Cancer Networking Support Group
      Reach To Recovery Support Group
      SAKS Skin Consultations/Makeup-SCC
      Siteman Cancer Center Book Club
      Siteman Counseling Service
      Siteman Education Programs
      Together Gynecological Cancer Support Group
      Touch Dog Program Support Group
      Turban Renewal Support Group
      Young Adult Cancer Survivors Exercise Group
      Young Adults With Cancer Support Group
      Young Women's Breast Cancer Support Group
      Your Square Matters Support Group
      Alzheimer's Caregivers Support Group
      Diabetes Support Group
      Grief, Loss, Change Support Group
      Alcoholics Anonymous Support Group
      Alliance for Mentally Ill Support Group
      Breast Cancer Support Group
      Breathing Center Support Group
      Chemical Dependency Support Group
      Fat Disorders Support Group
      Lung Cancer Networking Group
      Manic-Depressive Support Group
      STEPS Schizophrenia Support Group
      Stroke Support Group
      After Stroke Inspired Survivorship Support Group-BHC
      Dealing With Grief Support Group
      Diabetes Support Group
      Weight Loss Surgery Support Group
      Cancer Support Group